Hanna Hilton – Where is she now?

We miss Hanna Hilton. So where is she now? It’s 2013 … years since her abrupt retirement from porn and there is no sign she has any intention of returning to performing but she hasn’t just disappeared off of the face of the earth. No actually she has moved back home to Indiana and now does mainstream modeling, mostly she is doing “Runway, Fashion, Sport, Casual, Swimwear, Hair / Makeup, and Parts Modeling“.

So to answer your question, where is Hanna Hilton at now? Back in Indiana doing some mainstream modeling.

  • Is she still doing porn? No.
  • Is she still dating Jack Venice. No. He’s in prison.
  • Does she do nude modeling? Depends. She said she would consider it under the right circumstances.

As of 2014 the rumors persist that Hanna Hilton is active on the escort circuit in Houston. I did endless hours of research to this including getting in contact with the agency who apparently claims to work with Hanna Hilton in Houston. I did this in early May 2014 and it turns out that information is not accurate. They claim she used to be with them but no longer is and their records don’t indicate how long it’s been since she’s been active on their roster but the lady admitted it’s been awhile.

As far as the work for Pamela Peaks goes, she has not at any time during 2013 or 2014 been active on her roster so IF she did work with her in the past as an escort, she hasn’t been for sure doing it lately. Any rumors of her escorting really do seem to be completely false.

She is no longer living in Houston, Texas. She for sure went back home to her family in Indiana when her boyfriend Jack Venice went to prison on rape charges.