Is Hanna Hilton married?

Is Hanna Hilton married?  I heard she married a male porn star.

This rumor is not true.  Hanna Hilton started dating male porn star Jack Venice and they began living together in Houston, his home town throughout the span of her porn career.  During this time he was arrested and later convicted of raping a girl on a college campus at a frat party and sentenced to life in prison.   Some of her friends would later reveal that after his conviction Hanna Hilton moved back home with her child (from a previous relationship) to Indiana to be with her family.  She left porn and hasn’t been seen or heard from since.  So in answer to your question, no Hanna Hilton did not marry Jack Venice.  While they did live together for at least two years and had he not got busted for rape they probably would have married, she in fact did not ever marry him.