Interesting Hanna Hilton Facts

I swear I thought I seen Hanna Hilton on Playboy TV. Is that her?

Very possible. Hanna Hilton was on Playboy TV in a show called Blonde Boob Sucker.  Also keep in mind, sometimes you will see the Vivid movies Hanna Hilton was in on Playboy TV just called something else.  For some reason when they license the Vivid movies features girls like Hanna Hilton and play them on Playboy TV they use other names.  It’s the strangest thing I’ve heard of and I have no idea why they do that but ya, you will find Hanna Hilton on Playboy TV in those movies as well.

Does Hanna Hilton run her own MySpace and Facebook pages?

Hanna Hilton used to have a MySpace page and a Twitter account that yes she did personally keep up with. She didn’t hire “people” to keep up with those for her however she revealed on Twitter on more than one occasion she does not have a Facebook page at all. That all of those pages on Facebook are fakes.  She has nothing to do with them, they are not her.  People just post pictures of her and pretend to be her.  Since Hanna Hilton’s departure from the adult business in 2009 she has pulled her Twitter and MySpace pages so any you may find out there are fakes.

Is Hanna Hilton related to Paris Hilton?

Both are hot blondes but no they are not related. Hanna tells us she not only is not related to Paris and Nicky Hilton but she’s never met them either. You can CLICK HERE to vote for your favorite Hilton hottie.

Are Hanna Hilton’s tits real?

Yes. According to Hanna her breasts are all natural and she’s never had a breast job. Considering the fact that she’s such a tiny girl (weight wise) this fact makes it even more unusual. Hanna Hilton is a all natural 34 DD.

Is Hanna Hilton married or dating anyone?

Hanna Hilton says she is single … not married or dating anyone but that doesn’t mean she isn’t looking. Hanna says she is a big time romantic and would love to find the right guy. Updated May 2008 : It seems that Hanna Hilton does now have a boyfriend who is a male porn star by the name of Jack Venice. (Update Feb 2011) Well she did but he’s in prison now serving a life sentence for attempted rape of a college student.

Has Hanna Hilton ever done any adult movies?

Update May 2008 : That now has changed as Hanna Hilton has just signed on to be a Vivid girl so perhaps before long her first few movies will be out.  Update August 2008 : Hanna Hilton’s first movie for Vivid has now been released.  It is called Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel. Before Hannah Hilton retired, she did about 20 movies in all.

I heard Hanna was going to be the next Vivid girl. Is this true?

Hanna Hilton herself answered this one for us and here is her answer … “Haha…. I haven’t heard anything about that.” We had originally asked this question about a year ago but it wasn’t until May 05, 2008 that we found out Hanna Hilton would in fact later become a Vivid Girl. Although our sources at Vivid assure me at the time the original rumor had surfaced it wasn’t a consideration.

Is her name spelled Hanna Hilton or Hannah Hilton with an H at the end?

It is Hanna Hilton however companies she works for an even some of her fans often misspell it as Hannah Hilton. So that’s probably where the confusion comes in. But in fact her name is Hanna Hilton (no h at the end of her first name).

What is Hanna Hilton’s actual birthday? Is it in June or October or December?

Well many sites report many different things. This tends to happen when one company or another jots down the wrong information for a model.  However after some research and happening upon a copy of her actual driver’s license thanks to one of our good friends who recently worked with her on a photo shoot we were able to find that in fact, for 100% sure Hanna Hilton’s date of birth is not June 21st or December 12th. Her real birthday is October 31st which means that she was born on Halloween!!  Despite having lived in Houston, Texas for the last few years she still maintains an Indian driver’s license.  So despite what you may here at other websites, now you know for sure. Hanna Hilton is a Halloween baby and that makes her birthday October 31st.

For the sake of privacy we have obviously blocked out any real private information about Miss Hilton.  We don’t want some crazy showing up at her door now do we?   At the request of her agent, we also blocked off the year she was born.  Apparently he didn’t want people to know how old she was feeling it may hinder her ability to book jobs.  As much as I personally did not agree with this, to make Hanna happy, we complied with the request.