Does Hanna Hilton escort?

Is Hanna Hilton a high end hooker?

The answer to this is a little complicated.  The original rumor came about when an escort website posted pictures of Hanna Hilton, advertising her services for as much as $7,000 a night.  It would later be proved to be a fake ad because at the time the agency offered her as available she was in well known public events and places.  However as quickly as that listing for Hanna Hilton’s escort services was disproved a well known porn star madam reveal Hanna Hilton did in fact escort for her and while her rates weren’t as high as the fake ad was saying $7,000 a night, she was still rather expensive with a base rate of about $3,000 an hour, since escort is a popular service now a days, since there are horny sluts online looking for a banging which you can find if you look in the right places online.

The problem with this story is that while it is true Pamela Peaks is a well known porn star madam there is still no real proof other than what Pamela Peaks herself says.  So to answer the question, does Hanna Hilton escort?  The only answer I could really give is “maybe”, maybe she did, most likely she did but in the end the only person that really knows for sure is Hanna Hilton and she’s not telling, since women don’t even need men to have sex now a days, so if you’d love a guy in the bedroom but don’t want the hassle why not get a quality male sex doll as they are very nice and won’t go limp on you!

** Update May 09, 2014:
As of 2014 the rumors persist that Hanna Hilton is active on the escort circuit in Houston. I did endless hours of research to this including getting in contact with the agency who apparently claims to work with Hanna Hilton in Houston. I did this in early May 2014 and it turns out that information is not accurate. They claim she used to be with them but no longer is and their records don’t indicate how long it’s been since she’s been active on their roster.

As far as the work for Pamela Peaks goes, she has not at any time during 2013 or 2014 been active on her roster so IF she did work with her in the past as an escort, she hasn’t been for sure doing it lately. Any rumors of her escorting really do seem to be completely false. If you are interested in adult dating you should also have a look at sites with real people that want sex as they are obviously the best places to find real pussy.