Hanna Hilton Biography

So you want to know more about Hanna Hilton? Great! This is her biography. I wrote it myself based on lots of hard work and research. But unlike some sites I didn’t just randomly pick up facts from other websites, I actually verified facts and called people like her agent and contract company. I wanted to know that what I provided to you in her biography was accurate information.

Hanna Hilton was born on October 31, 1984 in a small town in Indiana with dreams of one day becoming famous. She secretly wishes she could move to LA and be a famous actress. Hanna is 5 foot 8 inches tall and her measurements are 34D-24-34 … and you know what? Those are all real. Hanna tells us that her breasts are not surgically enhanced. How amazingly hot is that?

Hanna Hilton

Oddly enough Hanna Hilton’s career began with her MySpace page. It was found by someone who runs one of those amateur nude websites and they made her an offer that she couldn’t refuse. They said that if she would pose nude for them, they would pay her money and pay all of her expenses to fly out to Hollywood. Hanna gave it some thought and was on the next plane to LA. Within a year Hanna’s lovely face could be seen in a variety of high class adult websites including Danni’s Hard Drive, Twisty’s and she was even selected as the Penthouse Pet of the month for December 2006.

Throughout her short career Hanna Hilton has used two variations of her name including the official “Hanna Hilton” and the other is “Hannah Hilton” but what most people don’t know is that just before she flew out to LA she went to Florida and did a single shoot with a company owned by Reality Kings called Real Orgasms  using the name Ashle (pronounced Ashley).

Hanna Hilton at Ashle

  • Favorite Music: Country

  • Favorite Sport: Ice Hockey

  • Favorite TV Show: Desperate Housewives

  • Favorite Movie: Pretty Woman

  • Favorite Sex Scene: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie in Mr. & Mrs. Smith… wow!

  • Biggest Turn-On: Military Men

  • Biggest Turn-Off: Cockiness

In May of 2008 what we have all speculated for awhile has just been confirmed … Hanna Hilton is a Vivid Girl and has even begun shooting her first movie for Vivid with fellow Vivid hottie and fellow Texan Meggan Malone, who interestingly enough is also from Houston (where Hanna Hilton lives as well). The movie will be called Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel and is slated for release this summer.

Hanna Hilton

Click here to read he official release from Vivid about signing Hanna Hilton to an exclusive contract

About a year after Hanna Hilton became a Vivid girl she decided that she no longer wanted to be in the adult industry. She not only didn’t renew her contract with Vivid but she deleted her myspace and twitter pages. Some say she also left Houston, where she was living at the time to move back home to Indiana.

Nobody is for sure why she left the business so abruptly, but some say it was probably in large part to the conviction of her then live in boyfriend for attempted rape.  Jack Venice was later given a life sentence for that crime.  Jack Venice and Hanna Hilton lived in Houston together at the time all of this happened.  It was Jack Venice that Hanna Hilton did her first ever real sex scene with (her first boy / girl they call it).

Interestingly enough her boyfriend Jack Venice seems to have quite a shady past.  According to some sources he was arrested in Washington for second-degree rape, first-degree burglary and attempted residential burglary, and two counts of residential burglary. He and an accomplice are accused of breaking into a female student’s room in a college dormitory and raping her.  In September of 2007 he was arrested for raping a young sorority girl from Washington State University.  However we should note that he has maintained his innocence from day one and his lawyer says “Mr. Reid (that’s his real name) maintains that he is innocent of any and all criminal charges,” his attorney (at the time), Chris Bugbee of Spokane, said in a statement. “We are confident that when this matter is concluded, he will be absolved of all of the allegations against him.”

As far as her performance goes Hanna Hilton says “I had done solo for a couple of years, and I decided ‘Why not?’ I’m already in the industry. If I’m going to do it, I might as well do it all the way,” Hilton told XBIZ.

Shooting the scene was different from her usual solo work, Hilton said.  “It was different, because it wasn’t just about me. It wasn’t just posing. It was harder and more work than I thought it would be. But I had a blast.  “It was easier than a regular photo shoot. A regular photo shoot, I’ve been on set for 12 hours. It’s actually cool to get right in and get right out.”

The scene was shot in a gym setting, and involved “really heavy sex,” Hilton said.  Hilton also said that she will do more b/g scenes. “I’m not sure when or for who yet, but I’m definitely leaning on doing more — probably within the next couple months.”

Of course we all know that just after this she signed with Vivid and did several really great sex scenes for them.

On July 18, 2008 a story came out from the Naughty American.

– from [www.thenaughtyamerican.com]- Adult film actress Hanna Hilton, 23, has shot to the top of the porn world since making her hardcore debut in April. In May, she signed an exclusive contract with industry giants Vivid and set to work on her debut film, “Meggan and Hanna Love Manuel,” starring Meggan Malone and Manuel Ferrara.

The bleach-blonde, self-proclaimed “Midwestern girl” from Brookville, Indiana, currently lives in Houston with her boyfriend, adult performer Jack Venice. Last September, Venice was arrested in Pullman, Wash., and charged with burglary, breaking and entering, and first-degree sexual assault involving a co-ed at the Washington State University. He is presently out on bond and awaiting his case to go to trial.

In a wide-ranging interview, Hilton speaks to TNA editor Leopard J. Ferry about the pressures of growing up in a small Midwestern town, her “first time,” and the circumstances surrounding Venice’s arrest.

Ferry’s interview with Hilton, conducted via phone, ends abruptly, due to what was believed to be poor cell phone reception on her end. Minutes after the call break-up, however, Venice called Ferry at the office of The Naughty American, irate over the line of questioning.

Repeated calls to Ms. Hilton were not returned …

As being reported on the Moscow-Pullman Daily News, former porn star and now ex-boyfriend of former Vivid girl Hanna Hilton, who is in jail for rape, filed and appeal and and lost. His rape conviction is upheld.

Breaking News – Reid’s rape conviction upheld
April 20, 2010, 10:46 am

The rape conviction of porn star Christopher Reid, also known as “Jack Venice,” was upheld today in the State of Washington Court of Appeals in Spokane.  Reid, 28, was convicted of second degree rape Oct. 24, 2008, after he broke into the Washington State University Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority and sexually assaulted a sleeping 21-year-old woman.

Reid was accompanied by Kyle M. Schott during the rape and during a string a break-ins at WSU sororities in September 2007. Schott testified against Reid during Reid’s 2008 trial. Reid was sentenced to a minimum of nine years and a maximum of life imprisonment in 2008.

As of February 2017, he still remains in prison.

Where is Hanna Hilton now?